Meltdown Deejays Recordings

Here you can find the releases of our record label.

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Phonogenic, Harald Björk, Båssanova, 03SIDIAN

Sounds For The 4th Decade (Album Sampler)

MLTDWN-010 | Vinyl


Sounds For The 4th Decade

MLTDWN-009 | Digital

Kollektiv Jurmo

Suvila Sessions

MLTDWN-008 | Digital


Home Life EP

MLTDWN-007 | Digital


Unfinished Business

MLTDWN-006 | Digital

Torolf Stendik

Seafront Remixed

MLTDWN-005 | Digital

Torolf Stendik

Seafront EP

MLTDWN-004 | Vinyl | Digital

Torolf Stendik


MLTDWN-003 | Vinyl | Digital

Vesa-Matti Kivioja, Kollektiv Jurmo

Connection EP

MLTDWN-002 | Vinyl | Digital


Miller Street Sessions

MLTDWN-001 | Vinyl | Digital

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